My Bucket List 1 to 25

So I wrote a ‘to-do before I die’ list aka a bucket list when I was 21 and it had ‘50 things to do before I die written at the top’. I’ve since slightly revised that list because I had a few daft things on there when I was 21 like ‘get shot’ (nowhere fatal). So I had to rethink a few things that I actually wanted to do but the list mostly remains the same since then and I aim to follow this up and finish it, yes… before I die.

Here’s a piece about my many different experiences so far on each of these to-do’s.

1. Get a degree

This was one of the first things I added as I was near the end of my degree at the time. It was some of the best times of my life at uni and the degree was awesome actually but also a hard slog.

Me and my housemates chose demanding courses like computer games design which involved building full game levels for single projects, none of this just write an essay lark! It took fucking hours just to get an arm to move in perfect motion for a video sometimes! It was a relief when it was over and we’d all passed with 2nd class honours though we all wanted a first really, I learnt a lot, more about life than my subject though.

2. Buy a mini crate of Cadbury’s crème eggs

We found a sweet wholesalers in Middlesbrough while at uni. I knew I’d always wanted one and then I saw them… I Bought 96 Crème eggs in boxes and took them home and ate a lot in a time where that many Crème eggs should last longer. The burn of the sugar every night became an addiction. Loved it, it just can’t be good for you to eat 96 Crème eggs over a few weeks though! An unhealthily enjoyable experience

3. Go backpacking abroad

So I’d planned to do it with someone shortly after uni and then people just couldn’t make so I knew was doing it regardless. It was quite scary going across the world where you know nobody, alone. But the excitement definitely outweigh’s the scary bit. I landed in Sydney at 10pm. My hostel taxi hadn’t arrived so I got in a random minibus with some strangers, got dropped outside the hostel where I was surrounded by 3 ripped, tall solid looking ladyboys who were asking if I ‘wanted any action’. I thought ‘This isn’t the start I’d imagined’. It all got better after that really. An exciting experience.

4. Visit Australia

This was the best country I’ve ever been to and just had everything you could want. You can go skiing in Victoria while at the same time of year you can get badly sunburnt in Cairns. The tropical side just makes the difference. The people are pretty chilled, the big cities are full of life and everything’s just too easy. A blown away by a country type of experience. I’ll be back.

5. Lie on an Aussie beach

The first one was Coogee in Sydney but Bondi beach won it for me. Especially when you’re in your early 20’s and don’t have responsibilities. Festivals, talent, waves, bars and late night parties. An ‘easy life’ type of experience.

6. Visit New Zealand

Ever since the Lord of the Rings Movies everyone’s just fantasised about the place. It’s like Wales… but on steroids! Beautiful, massive mountain landscapes and it’s got a good mix of tropical along with a green, British feel. The mountains, glaciers and glacier climbing make it though. Certainly the best few weeks holiday of my life. A ‘just what I needed’ experience.

7. Do a VERY high bungy jump

Probably the scariest moment of my to do list. It was the Nevis in New Zealand at 134m. I wasn’t really arsed beforehand. I fell asleep in the minibus going up the mountain to the cable car. I didn’t brick it even going out to the cable car or getting strapped up. I bricked it once I looked down when I got to the edge though! I always thought that freefalling knowing that you won’t die at the end might be quite serene… was it balls! I felt like I was jumping to my death, the noises that came out of me I don’t think I’ve heard since. I taped my digital camera to my hand for a first person approach which made it funnier to watch! An exhilarating experience.

8. Do a skydive

This was longer and allowed more time to appreciate it but still had the exhilarating side too when I flew out of the plane spinning. I was strapped to a girl who was obviously a pretty seasoned sky diver and we all went up in a tiny plane and just threw ourselves out! It was above the Great Barrier reef in Australia so the views of the water were ace, dolphins and turtles on show from above. Landed nice and softly on my little arse and loved it. An adrenaline rush experience.

9. Live in another country for 6 months

Two birds with one stone there son! An Australian habitant experience.

10. Surf in tropical water

I had a few goes with different boards, I wasn’t too great. I later realised that it’s better to start learning in mild waters first rather than in back breaking 7 foot waves! Around the same time I thought of the Jaws theme when I was floating in silence in the sea on the coast of Perth. They do like the taste of poms too!

11. Do East Coast Australia

A party strip for young people among some of the best scenery the world has to offer. It involved some hard graft like fruit picking along the way but every cloud has a silver lining and I met a special girl there who’s now my wife. There were plenty of island trips, weed towns, city stays, beach town parties, snorkelling trips and boat trips. Hell of a journey and a major life highlight.

To be continued…

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