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There are regular questions that potential welly buyers will pose before purchasing a pair of boots. Here we have tried to answer as many of the popular questions about wellington boots as possible. Feel free to ask us any more.

What wellies are best?

This is obviously one of the very popular, generic questions and it does not necessarily have a set answer depending on the reason the wellies are required for. However the most sought after wellies in the higher price range are usually Hunter wellies. These are renowned for quality and although they don't often have a vibrant appearance they are still the leading designer wellies on the market.

What are wellies made from?

Wellington boots are waterproof and are usually made from rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) a halogenated polymer. They are useful for walking on wet or muddy ground, or to protect the wearer from puddles. However there are also different welly materials used for different purposes, other materials on our selected wellies include vulcanised rubber, gum rubber and nylon.

What wellies are best for horses and the stables?

Many horse owners and people who often visit the stables and yards swear by muck boots as a tough pair of wellies to last through any yard duties. These can also be used for horse riding. Despite their usually bland colour range there are also some brighter pairs available.

Which wellies are the cheapest?

We have selected the cheapest wellies that still have a worthy appearance in any collection of funky wellies. These are usually non-brand, no frills wellies but there are also some brand names in there too.

Which wellies are good for hiking?

There are a number of recommendations around good hiking wellies from regular welly wearers. We have found that consistently mentioned wellington boots for hiking are Neoprene wellies, Taysport muck boots and Hunter wellies which are consistently among the top 3 wellies suggested by hikers.

What wellies does Kate Middleton wear?

Recently the Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen, Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a £300 pair of Le Chameau leather lined wellies for a charity camping trip. Now a popular choice for girls with expensive taste.

What are wellies called in Australia?

Wellies, or wellingtons, are actually called gumboots in Australia, hence the popular welly brand known as Gumbies.





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